When Bedřich Smetana and Karel Sabina created the opera The Bartered Bride, whose music and libretto were inspired by the traditional environment of the Czech countryside, they surely had no idea that one day their work would return to where it originally drew, ie the people. The Formani folk ensemble from Slatiňany has staged the opera and, with the instrumental and interpretative possibilities offered by the ensemble, is honored and performed with success.

Folklorika | ČT2

The ninth year of the Slatiňanské pozastavení - events connected with music, dance and folklore - will start on Saturday 16 May in the chateau park in Slatiňany.

Jaroslav Bušta |

Wonderful, we are satisfied, very nice experience.

Miroslav Rozkošný | ČASOPIS SOKOL

Enthusiasm and endurance. Even those who are not a fan of folklore could not deny these three qualities to the performers and spectators of Pernstein Night.

Jiří K. Ružička | MF Dnes